Star Wards Benchmarking Tools

Most of our members are using Star Wards ideas as action planning or benchmarking exercises, but we must stress this is very optional! However, it invariably provides a real uplift as staff see how much of the great practice they take for granted are listed in the ideas. Here are some of the resources wards have created to help them and which they’re generously sharing with others. So open source. So Wiki. Big thanks to all the contributors. Please feel free to not just use but also adapt these to fit your needs. And if you do create a new version, please please send it to us so we can share it with others and continue the stream of lovely resources from and for our members. Thanks!


Sheffield Action Plan

Download 36.00 KB


Highgate Benchmarking

Download 91.59 KB


South Directorate Birmingham Action Plan

Download 35.00 KB


Bowmere Action plan

Download 31.50 KB


Star Wards Inpatient Action Plan – The Spinney

Download 36.00 KB


Gloucester Benchmarking

Download 256.50 KB