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Why Join Star Wards?


Wards find that Star Wards:

  • is a really helpful framework for recognising, celebrating and structuring their existing good practice
  • is energising and enjoyable. “It’s about doing things differently, not about doing more things.” Having said that (or having quoted the person that said that), wards invariably find that staff want to introduce new activities and practices which enhance patient experiences and relationships
  • helps them convince management to give them more money for patient activities
  • is a great way of strengthening relationships between staff, patients, carers, and between nursing and other staff
  • connects them up with wards around the country (and overseas – we even have members in New Zealand!) to share experiences, triumphs, frustrations, solutions….
  • Provides motivation and validation through (non-competitive!) awards’ schemes for staff and ward

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Our 2013 Impact Review showed Star Wards has enormous benefits to wards:

Increased activities – 88%

Increased patient satisfaction – 77%

Decrease in aggression – 60%




How to join

Click here to join!

It’s very exciting that mental health wards across the spectrum from acute admission through specialist services to secure units are enthusiastic members. If yours is an NHS ward, all you need to do for your ward to join is to click here to fill in the online joining form. Membership is free for all NHS wards, thanks to generous support from charitable trusts.

We look forward to welcoming you to the dynamic, generous Star Wards’ community!


“It’s what I came into nursing to do.”

~ Liz Watson, Ward Manager, Barnstaple



12746391_10153943703694660_359647392_nWhat difference have members found that Star Wards has made?

Here’s what members have said:

“The impact on the wards ranges from reduction in incidents and use of PRN medication to service users leading groups and activities.”

“Created tidal wave effect amongst staff and patients to develop ideas further.”

“Better client feedback, increased staff satisfaction, less aggression and violence, more therapeutic contact.”

“No management instructions!!!!”

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Membership FAQs

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New Members’ Quick Start Guide

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The Full Monty Award

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