22 Oct

Star Wards’ Impact Review

As Zhou Enlai didn’t say, when asked about the impact of the French Revolution of 1789, it isn’t too soon to say.We can unequivocally say that we do know about Star Wards’ impact, thanks to the masses of generous, warm and cuddly feedback about the difference Star Wards is making. But we thought we should check it out a bit more systematically! Many thanks again to all of you who spent the time filling in our Stupidly Big Members’ Survey. The report by Prof Alan Simpson (woo! grand!) is downloadable here:
And if you’re curious about other evidence of Star Wards’ impact, you can download a short summary here:  Star_Wards_Impact_Review_2010_in_brief.doc



And if, for some reason, you’d really like to know all the details, here’s the very long version of our Impact Review:  StarWards_Impact_Review_2010_Full.doc