30 Jul

Benefits of taking part

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A recent survey of members which found that benefits of taking part have included:

Increased activities (88%)

Improved atmosphere (85%)

Increased patient satisfaction (83%)

Increased staff:patient contact (82%)

Improved team working (74%)

Improved ward environment (72%)

Decrease in violence (63%)

Read our most recent impact report:

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And we were equally delighted to read comments such as:

“A massive impact, activities to meet individual needs 7 days a week.”

“Happier staff, less incidents,  happier patients, community feel to the ward.”

“Better staff dynamics. A happier more optimistic environment for all.”

“Staff feeling that they are actually doing the work that they trained to do”

Membership is free for all NHS wards, thanks to generous support from charitable trusts.

We look forward to welcoming you to the dynamic, generous Star Wards’ community!

Please click here to join online