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Buddy and her buddies!!



buddyfBuddy is Marion’s adored support dog, a 12 year old Tibetan Terrier. The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage wrote:

Everyone should have a Buddy. When Buddy enters a room, everything automatically lights up. Buddy exudes charisma. Buddy is the life and soul. Buddy makes everything better. No matter the situation, nothing fazes Buddy. I wish I was more like her.

Buddy is a Tibetan terrier, and one so unstoppably adorable that I genuinely don’t know how anyone manages to meet her without abducting her. And I’m not even her biggest fan. I’d probably struggle to crack her top 100.

Buddy’s owner, Marion Janner, knows exactly the effect that the dog has on people, which is why she’s been promoted to the role of unofficial Star Wards mascot. In a field often portrayed as bleak and helpless – the field of mental health – Buddy represents positivity.

The full article is here, part of The Guardian’s Christmas Appeal. Star Wards is deeply grateful to have been chosen as one of the charities being supported, and for all the excitement that this has generated for getting animals onto wards. There is a huge and heart-melting evidence base on the therapeutic benefits of animals, plus lots of examples of how wards are creatively getting round the bonkers obstacles put in their way. http://www.wardipedia.org/6-animals/






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Ortus is The Maudsley Hospital’s groovy new learning centre. They had a competition to name classrooms and one is now The Buddy Suite!! Here’s the story.


My Dog, My Friend

doffriendThis is the most delightful book: A kaleidoscope of vivid, moving and highly entertaining accounts of the delights of dog ownership: an anthology of stories from TV personalities, broadcasters, politicians, writers, and many others. It conveys the key message that dogs can – and do – have a positive impact on the way we feel and live. All author royalties go to the charity Samaritans. Find out more here.


Buddy was interviewed about My Dog, My Friend on BBC Breakfast News:



  • The BBC All in the Mind Awards honour people or organisations that help with mental health difficulties. Buddy isn’t eligible for the awards, and while only helpful humans can be nominated, she did lend a helping paw with the judging. See bbc.co.uk.
  • Called to heal‘ is a gorgeous Guardian article about the magical wellbeing effects Buddy has on Marion. Read it here.
  • Buddy’s next appearance is in another Guardian article titled ‘The Buddy effect: improving mental health treatment, one pet at a time‘ which was written by the fabulous Stuart Heritage. Stuart covered Buddy’s visit to Harrison House in Grimsby. Here’s a link.






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