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Direct Facilitation

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Since 2004 the Bright charity has been producing innovative and creative resources for use in mental health care. Our showcase resource, Star Wards, has led to changes in many inpatient areas. In 2016 Bright developed a new resource for CAMHS wards (CAMHeleon.org), and also offered direct help to organisations who want to motivate their staff to adopt recommended interventions like Star Wards, Ward Stars and Safewards* or provide an independent review of practice.

Organsations now have the opportunity to book our services. We offer reasonable rates and a bespoke service which aims to enhance the experience of patients, carers/family members and staff. We believe our offer will assist with some of the major challenges services face – to improved standards of safe care and to have less incidents of harm to staff and patients – leading to less staff absence, less complaints, reduced cost of investigation and legal action and reduced reputational damage. It will also help Bright and Star Wards to continue and thrive into the future.

*Although Safewards was not a Bright project, Geoff Brennan worked on the research as clinical supervisor and then disseminator and continues to co-ordinate the world wide social media.

Let us take you on a Bright Journey fitted to your needs and built around the stages of:


We will contact your service at the early stages to discuss the project with your lead person. If you wish to proceed, a bespoke plan will be drawn up. We will also explore how we will work in co-production with peer workers/experts by experience/patient representatives in your organisation and how to inform and include carers.


We will deliver the negotiated service and report to your Bright Project Lead.


If appropriate, we can assist you to celebrate any success of your project. This may include attending the service in person and/or posting details of any success through our website and social media.


If appropriate we can re visit you’re service after you’ve completed your Bright Journey to refresh, re-energise or retrain any newcomers.

Bright facilitation work carried out in 2016/17:

• We provided keynote presentations for conferences in Western Australia and Brussels on improvements in inpatient care to support organisations with their “reducing restrictive practice” programmes.

• We collaborated in a year-long, project to introduce Safewards into six wards of a progressive service. This involved: participating in the initial preparation day; leading planned follow up support days; providing individual wards with guidance, and a celebration of the success of the project on completion.

• We carried out a number of “preparation for Safewards” days for individual organisations in the UK, and we are booked for further sessions in the UK and Ireland.

• We carried out an independent review of good practice for a service and provided advice on further dissemination of the practice within the organisation. This included meeting staff and patients, holding staff and patient focus groups, analysis of both raw data and audit data and providing a report with recommendations in collaboration with the organisation.


Costs of projects

We intend to make our rates affordable and all monies go back into the production and maintenance of Bright Resources. While each project will be individually costed, as a guide we charge a standard rate of £750 for a one full days training, be that for a Star Wards or Safewards intervention. We would also be keen to assist any organisation preparing for or responding to Care Quality Commission reviews.


Get in touch

If interested, even if it’s just to chat over your needs, please contact us


What others say about Star Wards, Safewards and CAMHeleon

Star Wards in the Royal College of Psychiatrists Independent Commission on Acute Adult Psychiatric Care report: “Old Problems, New Solutions”:

“The Commission received a clear message that wards are too often places of containment rather than places where therapeutic benefit is maximised. In particular, patients and carers called for a wider range of therapies and treatments to be made available to inpatients including positive ward activities, psychological therapies, interventions targeting improvements in physical health (such as smoking cessation, guidance on alcohol and drug use, healthy eating and physical exercise), and the overall monitoring of patients’ physical health and wellbeing. Wards that involved community groups in purposeful activities on the wards were valued by patients as they were able to continue interventions even after being discharged.
This sort of development is part of what the Commission envisages as being a general upgrading of inpatient wards… Star Wards is an example of good practice in this area.”


Safewards in the Care Quality Commission “State of Care” Report 2017:

“Our inspectors have seen some good initiatives to embrace a culture of safety. For example, in one NHS trust, wards had embedded a ‘Safewards’ approach. The seclusion room was rarely used as staff had improved how they talked and listened to patients to minimise incidents. When an incident did occur, they used reflective practice to understand the reason for the challenging behaviour and to consider how they could have handled it better. The inspector reported a much calmer and happier ward and that staff felt safer. The success was due to genuine staff engagement and buy-in to the idea of using the Safewards techniques all the time – not because someone had told staff to do it, but because they believed in it. Staff felt supported by the trust by making resources available and for training to happen.”


CAMHeleon endorsement form Dr Miranda Wolpert & Professor Peter Fonagy
(Director Service Improvement and Evaluation Anna Freud Centre / Chief Executive of the Anna Freud Centre):

CAMHeleon provides the inspiring and encouraging raw material which may benefit the work done with some of the country’s most vulnerable people and their families, and therefore enhance the inpatient experience.