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In the December 2016 edition of the ‘Imagine’ Newsletter, I was really proud to feature the work of some the talented staff from the ward I work on. On our ward, we dedicated the day prior to our unit wide smoking ban to hosting a wellbeing day to promote to our patients and staff all about the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. In the past, I have also organised the trust wide staff 5-a-side football tournament.

If you are helping to organise or participate in an event, here a couple of pointers which I hope will help you make sure your event; gets everyone involved and is really engaging.


Picking An Event
The variety of events you can put on in your ward can range from the small and cosy to a large and varied event. When you are picking an event to promote, you will be surprised at how often your events theme, has been used as a similar event by another ward, organisation or national body. A quick internet search will hopefully give you lots of handy tips, materials or contacts for your event.

Tip: If you are an event newbie, Pointless National Holidays and National Wellbeing Days are a great start point to pick an event to celebrate, where others across the world will be joining you.

Teaming Up
A small meeting, ward community meeting or short questionnaire may encourage interest from staff and patients, who would be keen to help you organise the event on your ward. This mini event team will be able to share; planning thoughts, activity ideas and the workload, which will all help your event come together nicely during the preparation and on the day.

Tip: If you have any event preparation questions, asking our Facebook and Twitter pages friends could help you connect with fellow members who may be able to help.

Prep and On The Day
You can make your event as fancy and as big as you like, you’ll be amazed however at how effective the small added touches to your event will be for the patients or staff that attend your event. Looking back on the events I have been involved with; patients really enjoyed the free wellbeing leaflets from the Wellbeing Day, and the football players really appreciated seeing tournament photos online from our volunteer photographers.

Tip: Posters, letters, emails and social media posts are (almost) free to create and can help generate support from a whole range of people or companies to help make your event fab!

Good Luck!
Finally, Good Luck with your event! They’ll be little stumbling blocks on the way to creating your amazing event; I’m confident you will have brilliantly creative solutions and the event will definitely bring your ward together to celebrate your theme.

Thank you for being you!

To celebrate your hard work towards organising your event, always remember to share any good news about your event. Here is a gentle nudge towards our Facebook and Twitter pages (@starwards, @wardipedianews), if you would like to you can also drop me an email to; [email protected].

It is always great to be able to share the good news from your ward in our ‘Imagine’ newsletter dedicated to Star Wards members…your news may even reach as far as Australia!


Sam Wilson

Imagine Newsletter Editor
[email protected]

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