Going Yellow for World Mental Health Day 2018

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Wear something yellow and say #HelloYellow

Mental health problems often begin in late childhood / early adulthood, and this is exactly the time when getting help is most crucial. Mental health affects us all and more and more people are speaking out about it. Between 3rd to 9th October 2018 Google searches for the phrase ‘mental health’ increased by 25%.

Good mental health is central to the development and holistic wellbeing of children and young people. One in ten young people face a mental health struggle, and sadly, nearly three in four dread the reactions of their mates when they speak about their mental health. There’s still more work to do to help young people feel able to safely open up.

This World Mental Health Day (#WMHD18) thousands of people are wearing something yellow to back every young person struggling with their mental health. The fabulous charity YoungMinds have created the #HelloYellow hashtag to inspire us to ‘go yellow’.

To keep the conversation going, YoungMinds have created a Hello Yellow kit which includes speech bubble bunting. What mental health ward doesn’t love a bit of bunting? They’re asking everyone to share something about their #HelloYellow day by posting on Twitter:

1. Photos of you wearing yellow

2. Photos of your #HelloYellow bunting

3. How many  messages you made to help to them reach the 10,000 target

Why not also mark this year’s Word Mental Health Day by taking a look at CAMHeleon.org, our child and adolescent (CAMHS) website, and doing something inspired by the vast range of ideas provided? The CAMHeleon website is a multicoloured collection of inpatient CAMHS best practice. It provides a vibrant ‘palette’ of ideas, articles, quotes, research and resources. As ever with Bright’s resources we focus on the things that help make a positive difference to young inpatients – often little tweaks that have a huge impact.

CAMHeleon is all about

The ‘COLOURFUL Themes’, around which the site is organised, aim to help staff co-create a masterpiece of therapeutic care. Here at Bright we love mnemonics! C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L spells out nine Themes which are essential ingredients for happy ward life and aspects of young people’s everyday wellbeing.

In the spirit of going yellow, a good place to start is with the ‘Leisure and Therapeutic Activity’ theme which is the yellow part of the COLOURFUL rainbow. This theme aims to advocate young inpatients having constructive, therapeutic, meaningful and enjoyable things to do, and maintaining feel-good activities from their usual home life.

All CAMHS wards that introduce all the Themes in place are eligible for the COLOURFUL Award!

We look forward to hearing about your #HelloYellow and CAMHeleon activities and retweeting your #WMHD18 posts. Find us @CAMHSbright and @Starwards

Nic Higham, Children and Young People Lead, CAMHeleon

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