12 Sep

Joining Form Confirmation

Thanks very much for your joining form and welcome to the Star Wards community! 

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Thanks to generous support from charitable Trusts Star Wards (and all of our resources) is free to all NHS wards. Only private sector wards pay for membership. There is a modest £500 annual subscription for independent hospital wards – please get in touch if this applies to your ward and we’ll invoice you if your hospital hasn’t already paid.

As you may know, wards find that Star Wards is an ideal framework for recognising, celebrating and structuring their existing good practice. Wards often discover new ways to do things, rather than just ending up doing more things. That said, the introduction of Star Wards can also be a catalyst for effectively introducing new activities and practices which go on to enhance patient and staff experiences. We’re told that being involved is energising, motivating and enjoyable and we hope that this is your experience too. The Star Wards groups which have been established throughout the country for example, help staff (and patients) feel validated and involved, and enable them to share experiences, triumphs, frustrations and solutions. 

Here are a few useful resources:

    • There’s a handy Quick Start Guide here. This will give you some ideas about who to get involved, setting up Star Wards groups, deciding your priorities, as well as some of the resources you have access to.
    •  There’s bucket loads of inspiration on our website, http://www.wardipedia.org/. This is an online, collaborative compendium of mental health inpatient care good practice. It contains hundreds of examples, ideas, articles, resources and more.
    • Our members are using Star Wards ideas as action planning or benchmarking exercises. This invariably provides a real uplift as staff see how much of the great practice they take for granted are listed in the ideas. You’ll find the benchmarking sheet here.

If you need help…

We’re offering you the opportunity to book our services, including training days, workshops, project facilitation and coaching (click here for more information). We offer reasonable rates and a bespoke service which aims to enhance the experience of patients, carers/family members and staff. We believe our offer will assist with some of the major challenges services face – to improve standards of safe care and to have less incidents of harm to staff and patients – leading to less staff absence, less complaints, reduced cost of investigation and legal action and reduced reputational damage. We can take you on a Bright Journey fitted to your needs and built around your requirements. For more please information contact us.

Finally, I want to let you know about an exciting validation and professional development scheme for HCAs. ‘Ward Stars‘ offers an opportunity for HCAs to be acknowledged for their significant contribution to patients’ ward experience and treatment outcomes, to feel validated and appreciated through feedback and certificates, and to gain a sense of achievement for undertaking such a challenging, diverse and rewarding role. 

We hope that you, colleagues and patients enjoy taking part and look forward to hearing about your developments! Feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

Warm wishes

Nic Higham

Inpatient Care Project Manager