SW Newsletter #54

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Hello lovely Star Wards membersWithout any indecent haste, or any haste whatsoever, here, finally, is the latest Star Wards’ newsletter. I’m really sorry about the delay in getting this produced, but the up side is that as a result it’s a whopping 30 pager.You may already know that Mind are launching a major inquiry into crisis care, including inpatient care. There is certainly an issue about whether yet more research into inpatient care is sensible or helpful given the work of City University, the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health etc. But my main concern is that there might be many more people energised to respond because of poor experiences compared to those who have more positive views. Mind are interested in hearing  from:

anyone with an interest in acute and crisis care – service users, mental health professionals, NHS managers, voluntary organisations, advocates, carers, commissioners, researchers and anyone else with knowledge and ideas to share.

Please please fill in the survey so that the extraordinarily therapeutic, creative work that’s happening on wards is represented.


Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the newsletter, and indeed to Star Wards over the last few months.