SW Newsletter #56

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Hello lovely members

I hope that you’re all well and coping with the multitude of obstacles continuously lobbed between you and the work you’re so committed to doing.

The theme of the latest newsletter is supporting elderly patients, especially those with dementia. I’m increasingly struck by just how complex, sensitive, demanding and exhausting it is to work on elderly wards, am bursting with appreciation for everyone who heroically does so, and hope that there are things in the newsletter which help. And as with all aspects of inpatient care, there’s much to be learnt from one specialism which can enhance other types of patient care, so I hope everyone enjoys the newsletter and finds exciting new ideas in it.

Here’s a trailer for the theme of our next newsletter.

Bart Simpson:  Doughnuts. Is there anything they can’t do?

No, the theme’s not going to be nutrition, addiction or delusions. It’s going to be:

FUN. Please flood or at least lightly dampen us with your favourite jokes, cartoons, anecdotes, ward activities, films, TV/radio programmes….. Hospital and/or mental health content is a bonus, but the only requirements are that they make you laugh and that they feature at least one Tibetan Terrier. Only joking. They don’t even need to be funny. No they do. Seriously.

Also coming shortly to your local ward… 75 new ideas!! For those times when 75 just isn’t enough. As with the existing 75 ideas, the new batch are also simply ideas not ‘standards’, they’re starting points, examples, designed to stimulate not stifle adaptation, innovation, outovations, standing ovations. (Oops. Sorry. I had a couple of stand-up gigs this week and seem to be not yet all joked out.)

Download Newsletter 56 as a PDF: Newsletter_56