27 Feb

Thank you!



Thank you so much for making a donation to Star Wards!

We really appreciate your generosity and help for supporting mental health wards to become truly therapeutic, and even sometimes enjoyable, places to be. Thanks to the generosity of you and other committed people we look forward to continuing to work closely with wards to achieve this.

If you’d like to be more involved or ask us any questions, we’d really love to hear from you! We also appreciate hearing from patients and staff, because it helps us understand what wards are finding useful with Star Wards. For example:

What a difference Star Wards has made. Great impact – patient morale, involvement, less incidents, staff energised, able to sustain a level of compassion given how demanding our job is. There’s still much more to be done and we’re thankful that Star Wards is giving us excellent practical resources and much inspiration.”

We are delighted that we can bring even a little light to people who are experiencing some of the darkest times in their lives, and that we can support staff whose skills and compassion create the healing environment. We want you to know that your generous donation and support will actively add more vibrancy to this light.


With renewed thanks and great appreciation,

Marion and the Star Wards team