18 Nov

The Full Monty Award

thumbmontyWhich award brings you fame, riches, glamour and cinematic immortality? Well, the Oscars actually, but failing that, why not try for the fabulous Star Wards Full Monty Award?


Given to wards who have implemented all 75 Star wards ideas, the Full Monty award recognises outstanding effort and achievement among Star Wards Members.

Although it’s incredibly challenging to implement all 75 ideas, firstly you don’t actually have to! Some of our 75 ideas are, frankly, unviable – notably number 75 about patients extending their stays by a day or two! All the others are just ideas and wards adapt them to meet their own needs, skills and quirks.

Nevertheless, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership completely blew our minds when they managed to achieve the Full Monty in every single one of their 18 wards across 4 hospitals across a huge geographical region! It’s a (tiny) bit like that song about New York being so wonderful they named it twice. Not that it’s now Cheshire and Wirral and Cheshire and Wirral Partnership, but we had to create a new award for having got Full Monty status in all their wards. CWP are now the first winners of the Absolute Monty Award. Mazel tov (congratulations in Hebrew, Buddy’s second language) to CWP!

“I think the most important thing is not to be worried about trying to implement each point exactly as it is stated.  Goals can be achieved through using the idea as a starting marker and thinking “outside of the box” as to how this could be implemented in to your ward keeping in line with Trust polices/procedures.  Keep it realistic so it will be part of everyday best practice and will ultimately be more likely to be sustained in the long run.  Don’t be hard on yourselves if the best laid plans don’t always work out, keep clients involved in the process; they know what works for them and this will help to keep the enthusiasm going.”


Apply for the Full Monty here

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