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Locker 1

Green light for mental health: how good are your mental health services for people with learning disabilities? A service improvement toolkit


Brief Description:

A benchmark for good services in two parts – A and B. Part B Section 2 has a survey of in-patient patient care.


What they say themselves!

“Green light is a toolkit for improving mental health support services for people with learning disabilities. It paints a picture of what good mental health support services for people with learning disabilities look like, and gives a way of assessing how well your local services measure up to it.”


Mooch here

Green Light Toolkit pdf (left click to view, right click to download)

… and check out an overview of the history and use of the toolkit from the National Elf Service people (click here)


Note: The document is big and used by your service and monitoring bodies (like the Care Quality Commission) to see if they match up to best standards.

If you want a quick check on what people with learning disabilities say they want from in-patient wards – here’s a summary. (Go to page 31 of part B of the toolkit.)

People want the [ward] to be:

✓near to home, family & friends so they can visit easily.
✓in the centre of things, not in the middle of nowhere.
✓near enough to be able to collect post and things they need, and to be able to do the things they are used to doing each day and to go to the places they usually go.
✓familiar to them.
✓small, for no more than five people.
✓quiet and peaceful, and safe.
✓just for women or just for men.
✓equipped with private bedrooms, nice bathrooms and toilets,
✓and rooms where they can get away from other people.

They want services to make sure that they:

✓will get on with the other people there. They want them to be nice.
✓can have visitors at any time.
✓are able to make their own meals if they want, and eat when they choose.
✓will see the doctor that they know best whilst they are there.
✓will go back home when they are well again.
✓can manage their own money, with support, whilst they are there.
✓have good things to do each day.
✓are not made to do things that they don’t want to do, and are not bossed around.
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