18 Jun 2017

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CAMHeleon is a colourful collection and celebration of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) ward best practice. It showcases a sparkly palette of ideas, articles, quotes, research and resources about therapeutic CAMHS care.


Animal Magic

Animal Magic will help you get past the obstacles to having pets on your ward and give you the compelling evidence base for the benefits of pets for people with mental illness.



We know that inpatient mental health wards can and do provide fantastic care to patients. We also know that they welcome any help in providing MARVELLOUS care to patients with a learning disability.

So that’s what this website is all about – a little bit of support for you to help your patients with a learning disability.



The Wardipedia website is a huge collection of ideas and examples about providing imaginative, therapeutic inpatient mental health care. It’s structured around seven domains, represented by the acronym IMAGINE: Imagination, Mindfulness, Activities, Generosity, Involvement, Neighbours, Empathy.


Ward Stars

Ward Stars is an exciting validation and professional development scheme for Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) from Star Wards. Ward Stars helps make explicit those aspects of HCAs’ work particularly valued by mental health inpatients. The process is structured around seven ‘Stars’ which are each focused on key themes of therapeutic inpatient care.


Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters looks at how relationships between staff and emotionally vulnerable patients are nurtured through ‘caring conversation’. It’s informed by the evidence of the recovery power of conversation to help people with mental illness or in extreme distress where there is no actual diagnosed mental illness.

Download at no cost: www.brief-encounters.org/

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TalkWell is a conversation training resource for mental health workers.


Talkwell 2nd Edition 4 4.08 MB 1996 downloads



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Ward Buddy

Ward Buddy is here to accompany inpatients through various experiences of ward life; from arriving on the ward to the rediscovery of hope, amongst other themes. The booklet is filled with experiences of recovery and mini snippets of ward life that have been kindly offered and beautifully illustrated by people who have had stays on mental health wards.


Ward Buddy Colour Jan30 Pdf 3.32 MB 4 downloads