Marvellous Care – The Dressing Room

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The dressing room. A haven. A place of rest and recuperation. A place to mull over victories won and ponder on the missed opportunities. A place to store your valuables while the game is on and get some refreshment during breaks.

Nello was king of the Stoke City dressing room. Making people laugh, lightening the atmosphere, but also able to take the losses, the knocks and the banter and come up smiling and determined to be happy.

Here, the DRESSING ROOM includes lockers full of resources to help you with your care giving, as well as links to very clever people who offer some very good tips and advice.

Have a good mooch and see if you can find something that can help lighten, or celebrate, or reflect, or think, or breathe or survive.


The Lockers

Locker 1: Green light for mental health: how good are your mental health services for people with learning disabilities?
A benchmark for good services in two parts – A and B. Part B Section 2 has a survey of in-patient patient care.

Locker 2: Provision of mental health care for adults who have a learning disability: RCN Guidance
A fab and brief general guide. Great place to start and easy to read.

Locker 3: Supporting Complex Needs: A practical guide for support staff working with people with a learning disability who have mental health needs: Turning Point/The ESTIA Centre
A detailed and amazingly good general guide. Also easy to read.

Locker 4: Aids to communication (Various)
We’ve mentioned communication already, but here in the locker room you may have more time to absorb the resources at your leisure. The list is from various sources, so mooch away and you’re sure to find something useful!

Locker 5: Carers: The Triangle of Care
A fantastic resource for realising how important carers are and how best you can work with them. We’re very fortunate to have the endorsement of the wonderful Alan Worthington who penned the Triangle of Care and is a full on Star Wards fan!

Have you any ideas for “Lockers” (i.e. links or tools that you have found useful)? If so, send them to us and we will consider putting them in the Dressing Room for others to share.

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