28 Oct

Ward Stars – Benefits to patients

Some of the ways patients may benefit from Ward Stars:

  • Wider range of helpful and constructive experiences
  • More opportunity for empathic engagement
  • Compassionate care
  • More opportunity for having fun
  • Patients feel taken seriously and that staff are interested in them
  • Learning new or enhanced ways of relaxing, lowering anxiety and agitation
  • Feeling accepted and safely and compassionately held in mind
  • Feeling listened to and understood
  • Quality relationships with staff
  • Enabled to express themselves
  • The ward is a space which enables growth, healing and recovery
  • Opportunity to access sociable, recreational, physical, therapeutic and fun activities
  • Constructive, safe and helpful stimulation
  • Comfortable social contact with others
  • Development and acquisition of self-management and life skills
  • Less boredom and more meaningful engagement
  • Patients are able to relate to and trust staff on a human level
  • Patients are inspired to feel positive about themselves
  • Patients appreciate staff going the extra mile
  • A generous and kind ward environment is established
  • Patients are supported to give something back to the ward community and to their wider community
  • Patients are supported to be co-pilots in their care, creating a more therapeutic, empowering, admission
  • Patients feel respected, skilled, contributors
  • Therapeutic interventions are more relevant and effective for the individual
  • Useful, supportive and important information is accessible and available
  • The ward is experienced as an inclusive environment
  • Patients feel equipped and prepared appropriately for maintaining their health and well-being when they’re back home
  • Connections with friends, family and carers are supported and strengthened
  • Helpful information and support is provided to patients’ loved ones
  • Patients are supported in developing social networks
  • Friends, family and carers are made to feel welcome on the ward and to be informed, reassured and supported
  • Patients are able to spend time with their children in a safe and appropriate space
  • Patients feel able to approach and engage with staff
  • Patients feel listened to, understood and supported
  • Patients are better able to express themselves
  • Patients feel warmly engaged with; not just observed
  • A ward environment of kindness and compassion is nurtured
  • A special effort is made to welcome and reassure visitors


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You might be wondering – what difference does Star Wards actually make to mental health wards? It’s a question we continuously ask ourselves, to make sure that we are having a positive impact. Well, we have over 800 wards signed up to receive our resources and, in the past, we have had Star Wards independently evaluated. A micro-summary of what our users have said is that wards who tried Star Wards ideas had:

This is not about us, it is about people like you. These improvements are down to your hard work. And you can check our newsletters for wards doing amazing things right now. So we are told we do help you make a difference – and we want to get better and be here to help you in the future. So, join up, join in and let us know your wonderful ideas – and if you can donate to us or fundraise for us, we would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you for all you do.