Marvellous Care – Locker 4

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Locker 4

Aids to communication (Various)


Brief Description

We’ve mentioned communication already, but here in the locker room you may have more time to absorb the resources at your leisure. The list is from various sources, so mooch away and you’re sure to find something useful!


Communication for Person Centred Planning:

“It is important in getting Person Centred Planning started that each individual is recognised as having their own particular way of communicating.  Without an understanding of this we will struggle to achieve a person centred approach, and to hear about people’s hopes and needs, and to achieving a better life for each person.”

View and download it here

Helen Sanderson Associates

A set of ideas and communication templates that are free to use – or can help you design your own.

View and download it here



Ok, this is from us at Star Wards and about general themes of communication – but worth a look as it includes some specific points about communicating with a person with learning disabilities.

View and download it here


Brief Encounters

Yup – another of ours – and written for staff in acute general healthcare – but page 73 has a specific section on Learning Disabilities which you may find familiar!

View and download it here

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