Wardipedia – 18. Landscape pictures

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Bright outlook


“Landscape paintings reduce anxiety and need for medication.”

This is a corker. It is so simple, cheap, therapeutic, calorie-free, evidence-based. What’s not to like? We’ve seen some beautiful landscape paintings and photos on wards around the country; perhaps one of the therapeutic benefits is from the conversations that realistic and relaxing pictures produce. The wider benefits of arts’ features on wards are looked at in Idea #69 Therapeutic Ward Design including the exceptional work of the Enhancing the Healing Environment programme.

Landscape images could be:

  • Patients’ own framed artwork
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Canvases
  • Framed prints
  • Photograph wallpaper
  • Murals…

We love murals…

Ward examples

  • “It’s great when the view out of the window isn’t so good, and for patients who can’t leave the ward to be directly with trees and nature. There’s something about bringing the outside world into the world of ward – creating a connection to fresh air, space and nature”.
  • “The corridors in the unit are lined with patients’ artwork”.
  • Patients painted murals in the music room.

Outdoor landscape paintings?!

Yes that’s right, this ward had the ingenious idea of brightening up the garden fences with inspired ‘season windows’ painted by patients.


Patient Examples

  • I was encouraged to plant a sunflower seed. I took it home and planted in my garden. Seeing it grow tall and strong with its face to the sun mirrored me getting well. It was really easy to look after and I was really proud when it flowered.
  • There was a scheme that used to pick us up and take us to an allotment to do some gardening. I learnt such a lot about patience, devotion and dedication.
  • We had access to a garden where we could grow vegetables. I loved watching things grow from a tiny seed to something I could feel proud of.
  • Responsibility makes me fear failure. I have a small plant to look after on the ward and this is helping me learn to trust myself that I won’t let everyone down
  • Gentle gardening, growing of things outdoors.


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