Star Wards chosen to be a Guardian Christmas Appeal charity!

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28 November 2014 



We’re thrilled and deeply grateful to have been chosen as one of The Guardian’s charities for their Christmas Appeal, along with eight amazing mental health charities!


Star Wards works with mental health wards to improve everyone’s experiences of being on them – patients, staff, friends and family. People are going through the darkest of times when a psychiatric inpatient, and staff do a heroic job of supporting us back into a more manageable state. Christmas is a particularly distressing time to be in hospital and wards are energetic and creative in making the experience as enjoyable and comforting as possible.

Charities (like everyone else!) are struggling for funds and mental health charities find it especially challenging. The Guardian has a long tradition of brilliant coverage of mental health issues and Guardian readers are among the most aware and empathetic. We hope that readers will welcome the chance to contribute to improving the lives and experiences of the thousands and thousands of people supported by the Christmas Appeal charities.

Thank you so much for visiting the Star Wards website. All you need to do now is hop over to the Guardian Christmas Appeal. Whatever amount you give will be put to the best possible use in helping so many people cope with and recover from the trauma and massive disruption that mental illness inflicts.

Love Marion and the Star Wards team


PS! The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage has written a gorgeous piece about Star Wards and one of our members – the outstanding Harrison House in Grimsby. My support dog Buddy is the star of the article!! Read all about “The Buddy Effect” here.


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Christmasy mental health wards

Christmasy mental health wards



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