Wardipedia – 65. Pointless national days

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Happy Pointless National Day!


And what a choice you have. There’s National Donald Duck day, National Chip week (clearly too important to restrict to a single day) and (Jewish) Marion’s favourite –  Hug a Jew day. (She hasn’t yet been able to persuade her therapist that this is the one day of the year when it’s essential to smash the patient:therapist boundaries thing.) Buddy has a clutch of favourites – she’s not so keen on International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day although she appreciates the kindly intentions. And she’s remarkably silent on the matter of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, although she is no doubt aware of the Americanness of this one and is slightly consoled about the debacle that saw Marion refused an entry visa to America because of her mental illness. Don’t get her started on National Pistol Patent Day….

Anyway… why celebrate a pointless national day? Um – because it’s fun! Being in hospital is mainly pretty grim, and it’s nice to have something very ridiculous to distract from excruciating inner lives.

The imaginative, creative, celebratory (and bonkers) ideas are also great inspiration for one-off group activities. How much fun would an afternoon spent with perfume (or aftershave…), compliments, hairstyling or sisters be?

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3     Festival of Sleep Day

3     Fruitcake Toss Day

4     Trivia Day

5     National Bird Day

6     Bean Day

8     Bubble Bath Day

14   Dress Up Your Pet Day

15   National Hat Day

16   National Nothing Day

17   Ditch New Years Resolutions Day

18   Thesaurus Day

18   Winnie the Pooh Day

19   National Popcorn Day

20   National Buttercrunch Day

20   Penguin Awareness Day

21   National Hugging Day

21   Squirrel Appreciation Day

22   National Blonde Brownie Day

23   National Pie Day

23   National Handwriting Day

23  Measure Your Feet Day

24  Compliment Day

25  Opposite Day

27  Chocolate Cake Day

28  Fun at Work Day

28  National Kazoo Day

29  National Puzzle Day

29  National Cornchip Day

30  National Inane Answering Message Day


2    Ground Hog Day

4    Thank a Mailman Day

5    National Weatherman’s Day

7    Send a Card to a Friend Day

8    Kite Flying Day

10  Umbrella Day

11  Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day

11  Make a Friend Day

11  White T-Shirt Day

15  National Gum Drop Day

19  National Chocolate Mint Day

20  Cherry Pie Day

22  Walking the Dog Day

23  International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

24  National Tortilla Chip Day

27  Polar Bear Day

28  Floral Design Day

28  Public Sleeping Day


1    Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day

2    Employee Appreciation Day

2    Old Stuff Day

3    I Want You to be Happy Day

3    If Pets Had Thumbs Day

3    National Anthem Day

6    National Frozen Food Day

10  Middle Name Pride Day

12  Plant a Flower Day

13  Jewel Day

19  National Chocolate Mint Day

14  Learn about Butterflies Day

14  National Potato Chip Day

17  National Quilting Day

21  Fragrance Day

24  National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

25  Pecan Day

25  Waffle Day

26  Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

28  Something on a Stick Day

30  Take a Walk in the Park Day


1     International Fun at Work Day

4     Walk Around Things Day

7     Caramel Popcorn Day

8     Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

9      Winston Churchill Day

10   Golfer’s Day

10   National Siblings Day

13   Scrabble Day

14   Look up at the Sky Day

14   Reach as High as You Can Day

16   National Eggs Benedict Day

17   Blah, Blah, Blah Day

18   International Juggler’s Day

19   National Garlic Day

19   National High Five Day

22   National Jelly Bean Day

25   East meets West Day

25   World Penguin Day

26   Richter Scale Day

27   Tell a Story Day

28   Great Poetry Reading Day

30   Hairstyle Appreciation Day

30   National Honesty Day


1     Loyalty Day

1     Save the Rhino Day

4     Bird Day

4     Renewal Day

8     No Socks Day

9     Lost Sock Memorial Day

10   Clean up Your Room Day

12   Limerick Day

16   Love a Tree Day

16   Wear Purple for Peace Day

18   International Museum Day

18   National Bike to Work Day

18   No Dirty Dishes Day

18   Visit Your Relatives Day

22   Buy a Musical Instrument Day

23   Lucky Penny Day

25   Tap Dance Day

29   Learn About Composting Day

30   Water a Flower Day


1     National Doughnut Day

4     Applesauce Cake Day

4     Hug Your Cat Day

6    National Gardening Exercise Day

6    National Yo-Yo Day

7    National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

8    Best Friends Day

9    Donald Duck Day

13  Sewing Machine Day

15  Smile Power Day

16  Fresh Veggies Day

18   Go Fishing Day

19   World Sauntering Day

20   Ice Cream Soda Day

21   Go Skate Day

22   National Chocolate Eclair Day

23   National Pink Day

23   Take Your Dog to Work Day

26   Beautician’s Day

26   Forgiveness Day

27   Sun Glasses Day

29   Camera Day


1     Build A Scarecrow Day

1    Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

1    International Joke Day

3    Compliment Your Mirror Day

4    National Country Music Day

6    National Fried Chicken Day

7    National Strawberry Sundae Day

8    Video Games Day

11  Cheer up the Lonely Day

13  Embrace Your Geekyness Day

15  National Ice Cream Day (third Sunday of the month)

15  Cow Appreciation Day

20  Moon Day

21  National Junk Food Day

22  Hammock Day

23  National Hot Dog Day

24  Cousins Day

28  National Milk Chocolate Day

29  National Lasagna Day

30  National Cheesecake Day


5    Friendship Day

5    International Forgiveness Day

5    Sisters Day

6    Wiggle Your Toes Day

9    Book Lover’s Day

10  Lazy Day

13  Left Hander’s Day

15  Relaxation Day

16  National Tell a Joke Day

18  Bad Poetry Day

19  Aviation Day

20  National Radio Day

22  Be an Angel Day

26  National Dog Day

27  Just Because Day

28  Race Your Mouse Day

29  More Herbs, Less Salt Day

30  Toasted Marshmallow Day


5     Be Late for Something Day

5     Cheese Pizza Day

6     Fight Procrastination Day

6     Read a Book Day

8     Pardon Day

9     Grandparent’s Day

9    Teddy Bear Day

10  Swap Ideas Day

11  Make Your Bed Day

11  No News is Good News Day

12 Chocolate Milk Shake Day

13 Positive Thinking Day

14 National Cream-Filled Donut Day

15 Make a Hat Day

16 Step Family Day

16 National Play Doh Day

16 National Women’s Friendship Day

16 Working Parents Day

18 National Cheeseburger Day

19 International Talk Like A Pirate Day

19  National Butterscotch Pudding Day

21  Miniature Golf Day

21  World Gratitude Day

22  International Rabbit Day

23  Dog in Politics Day

25  National Comic Book Day

28  Ask a Stupid Question Day

28  National Good Neighbor Day

30  National Mud Pack Day


1      World Vegetarian Day

2     Name Your Car Day

5     Do Something Nice Day

6     International Frugal Fun Day

7     World Smile Day

9     Fire Prevention Day

11  It’s My Party Day

12  World Egg Day

14  National Dessert Day

16  Dictionary Day

17  Wear Something Gaudy Day

23  National Mole Day

23  TV Talk Show Host Day

25  Punk for a Day Day

25  World Pasta Day

27  National Tell a Story Day

28   Mother-In-Law Day

28  Plush Animal Lover’s Day


3     Sandwich Day

6     Saxophone Day

8     Cook Something Bold Day

12   Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

13   World Kindness Day

15   Clean Your Refrigerator Day

15   National Philanthropy Day

16   Button Day

17   Homemade Bread Day

17   Take A Hike Day

20   Absurdity Day

20   Beautiful Day

20   Universal Children’s Day

22   Go For a Ride Day

23   You’re Welcome Day


7     Letter Writing Day

8     National Brownie Day

9     National Pastry Day

16   National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

17   National Maple Syrup Day

21   Look on the Bright Side Day

27   Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

28   Card Playing Day

Ward Examples

“We would often have themed days during the holidays to bring together a variety of different activities and make things a bit different (in line with “Pointless National Holiday Days”). My personal favourite was “Superhero Day” where we would spend time making basic superhero outfits with the children (old white hospital sheets cut into capes and masks for colouring with fabric pens), filming them being the super-troop and catching the baddies using their combined powers and teamwork, a treasure hunt of small laminated discs with pictures of superheroes and “Wham”/”Ker-pow” logos, etc. Chill-out time was spent watching short cartoons of Spiderman, etc, while agreeing that we made much better superheroes than the on-screen versions!!”


Resources & references

To check out other pointless days, see:

http://holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/index.htm. Technically these are all American, but that only adds to the ridiculousness of the whole exercise.

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