An exciting new CAMHS website from Star Wards!

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Hello Lovely Star Wards Member!

Working on a CAMHS ward is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in healthcare. It’s also one of the most important, for how this work is put into action shapes in part the unique recovery journeys of the next generation, their breadth of life skills, and their perceptions about themselves and their place in our ever-shifting world.

Developed by the same team who created Star Wards, is a new website which showcases a diverse collection of ideas, articles, quotes, research and resources about therapeutic CAMHS care. The site focuses on the things that really make a positive difference to young inpatients, identifying small changes that have a big impact. Its overall objective is to support ward staff in enabling young people to really make the most of this time away from their usual lives.




There are imaginative efforts by wards throughout the country that are expertly putting the CAMHeleon approach into practice and you’ll find many examples while browsing the site. CAMHeleon is a source of practical inspiration, encouragement and resources for ward staff who work in mental health hospitals for young people. Young people, their families, carers and friends may also find the site helpful as it paints a picture of wards at their very best, along with a variety of therapeutic experiences service users can expect.

We appreciate that ward staff already have a lot on their plates and we have heaps of admiration and empathy for just how challenging and stretching your job is. CAMHeleon, therefore, aims to communicate CAMHS ward ‘greatest hits’ in a colourful and clear way so you can easily select what’s most helpful at any given time. Furthermore, CAMHeleon will keep evolving and adapting to her ever changing environment – we’ll keep adding new resources and ideas, so do please visit us again soon. We’re always very very grateful for emails from staff letting us know how they’re using our resources. So if you find CAMHeleon helpful, please tell us how you’re translating it into practice!

The Star Wards team