12 Aug

Apply for the Full Monty Award


“We’ve introduced all 75 Star Wards ideas. What now?!”

Being awarded the Full Monty Award is a fantastic accomplishment, representing exceptional expertise, commitment and caring by ward staff. As well as this providing some ‘official verification’, wards have found that the Full Monty process provides another boost to staff morale – and it will let us know about fabulous innovations which we can then share with the rest of the Star Wards’ community.

As the 75 ideas aren’t formal standards we don’t carry out inspections; instead, we encourage self-evaluation. Having said that, we’re very happy for you to ask us for advice on your project’s progress and to find out if you’re ready to apply for the award if you’re unsure. We’re also happy to visit you (we love visiting wards!) during or upon completion of your project. However, please note that we are a very small charity so there may be wait until we can visit you.

We really value hearing from Full Monty wards about how they succeeded in establishing such excellence.

If you’ve introduced (or adapted) all 75 ideas, please send us:

1. your action planning (or ‘benchmarking’) chart, with each (relevant) idea ticked off and notes alongside any where something particularly exciting has been developed.


Benchmarking Sheet 667.04 KB 3337 downloads


2. a report – as brief or long as you like! This is the really interesting part for us, as it invariably reveals innovations and amazingness way beyond anything that we’ve managed to come up with. And often staff mention these almost in passing, as they regard them as ‘simply good practice’ whereas they’re actually extraordinary and deserve to be highlighted and warmly enthused over by us. Oh, and we love photos.


Full Monty Report 434.47 KB 32 downloads


3. answers to the questions below if they aren’t covered in your report.

You will see a confirmation message upon clicking ‘submit’. If nothing appears to happen when clicking ‘submit’ please scroll up and check you’ve completed all the required fields marked with *