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99.999999999999999999% of you don’t ‘follow us’ on Twitter, perhaps because you don’t like terms like follow, tweet or retweet, let alone geotagging or hovercard. (But many thanks to the one of you who is tuning into!

So that no-one misses out on the occasional posting that might be of interest, and with the joy of spring pulsating optimistically through my little body, here’s a summary of the stuff I’ve bunged up on Twitter over the last few months.

And if this results in one of you deciding to ‘follow’ us – we’ll be able to brag to our funders that our following of Star Wards’ members has soared by 100%! (And if that is you, dear member, and you manage to persuade your mother-in-law/window-cleaner/traffic warden/goldfish to sign-up…..)

For those of you who have been completely bemused by everything from the fourth word onwards, Twitter is a website that lets you send out very short messages about what’s happening. Some people do use it to say things like “Can’t find where I put my stapler. The world is a cruel place.” But Twitter is also increasingly used by charities, celebrities (I like having that word next to charities) and even government departments to broadcast quick messages which they hope will interest, intrigue and inform. Comments are called ‘tweets’ and each one has to be less than 140 characters – i.e. about 30 words.


So here’s what I’ve been tweeting:

  •  Not surprised to learn that mental health trusts are better than all others at patient involvement
  •  We’re urged to recycle yoghurt pots or turn them into swimming pools for hamsters but gmt response to no car tax is
  •  The BBC health website is a superb source of info about mental health. Please sign petition to stop the cuts
  •  Mind has again been v collaborative and let me blog, this time about last night’s wicked BBC doc.
  •  Turning tragedy into TV massacre of those struggling with mental illness. ” Why Did You Kill My Dad?” Tonight BBC2 9PM
  •  Harrison House is so hotel-like that it’s not even called hospital, and wards are lodges! Photos on our FB site: 1:45 AM Mar 1st via web
  •   Just found website about best book ever, Learning to Live with Huntington’s Disease. Phenomenal story of resilience. 11:51 PM Feb 24th via web
  •  Gorgeously chic hospital opens in Grimsby, with ‘lodges’ not wards. (Ignore unfortunate comment about ‘normality’! )
  •  Fabulous volunteering scheme in Welsh hospitals. ‘Robins’ wear distinctive red t-shirts. Inspired and v lovely.
  •  Article about intriguing patch being developed for depression, worth transgressing by visit to Daily Mail website
  •  Therapeutic communities’ approaches v relevant to wards. Rich, experiential learning opportunity


  • New College paper – Improving in-patient mental health services for black and minority ethnic patients: Recommendations


  • Does suffering improve us? The answer in this interesting Guardian comment piece is an unequivocal ‘no’:
  •  Completely improbable but fun career test based on which colours you most like. (Iraq was invaded on flimsier evidence.)
  •  RT @washingtonpost Revision to the bible of psychiatry, DSM, could introduce new mental disorders –
  •  What was the name of the psychoanalyst who coined the term ‘borderline personality disorder’ in 1938? Adolf. Hmm. (His surname was Stern.)
  •  Fascinating R4 prog on the counter-intuitive art of non-visual or sensory photography by blind people.
  •  AIMS National Report for Working Age Adult Wards now available
  •  Resilience, optimism, attempting the seemingly impossible, daring the hyper-unconventional. Pure genius.


  • Inspire others: share your experiences and advice. Tell us what works for you. What are your mental wellbeing tips?…
  •  “Killers taught how to be DJs in hi-tech Broadmoor mixing studio”. Classic Daily Mail headline. They’re a parody of themselves.
  •  Heartening and impressive that 91 wards have been accredited through RCPsych’s AIMS scheme. Hugely demanding standards.
  •  Saw a statement from credible BPD org: “people who suffer from it are undeserved.” Outraged & hurt. I re-read last word: “underserved”. Ah.
  •  Holiday Inn staff in fleece sleeper-suit warm beds for guests. . Will this catch on in wards? What will CQC say?


  • ….take actionn ow to keep up the pressure to scrap prescription charges for long-term conditions:
  •  Met Samaritans’ fab CEO. Odd being in same room, given my many hours sobbing on phone to amazing vols. Hardly cried at all. Progress!
  •  Mind have collaboratively let me do guest blog, about preferring to be an inpatient to being at large in the community
  •  Ad in this week’s 3rd Sector mag for Secretary to Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. Did postal strike really start that long ago?
  •  In street having fag. Approached by charming, courteous man offering me local NHS quit smoking card. Impressively proactive of Enfield
  •  Cooltarn arts ( running inspired workshop in creative CVs for people with mental health problems, spinning the negatives.
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