Free workshop on Singing for Well-being

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Buddy and I are booked onto this workshop at the Science Museum in London. I’m evangelical about the benefits of singing, having taken part in some great singing sessions on wards for elderly people and also being priviliged to hear the Broadmoor Hospital Vocal Group. Inspiredly and inclusively and joyously, the Group members are both staff and patients.
The workshop is on 25 January 2011, from 7-9PM. Details here. This is what they write about the gig:
Is singing good for you? Can it help in the care of people with dementia, breathing problems and Parkinson’s disease? Join us to explore the latest research on the health benefits of breaking into song, and participate in some singing too!
There’s a fabulous video from the Alzheimer’s Society about the benefits gained by members of a singing group for people with dementia: click here.
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