More fab developments at Bodmin

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We’ve enthused before about the outstandingly creative work at Bodmin hospital, including a podcast/music studio!! So I was really grateful to get an update from Natalie Newell… and implore, beg, plead all of you to please please send me your news! Here’s the latest from Bodmin, which Natalie kindly said I could share by simply reproducing her email to me. Big thanks to Natalie and huge congratulations to all her colleagues for sustaining and indeed extending the dynamic and therapeutic work.


Hi Marion

Just an update we have created a pets wall within the ward for staff or service users to put up pictures of their pets to create a discussion point and brighten up the ward!! a member of staff is also waiting to hear back from pets for therapy so hopefully soon we will have a dog visiting the ward soon!

We have also created a ward newsletter so each month one is produce and it contains lots of different things like poems artwork and stories that have been chosen by the service users.

Here is a list of the activities we do on the ward health promotion, art therapy, writing groups, reflexology, one to one IT, one to one education, meaningful activity, art groups i.e. paint your own t-shirt, collage, still life etc, ward meetings, one to one cookery, poker group, movie nights, breakfast club, discussion groups, music group, one to one sensory work, newspaper groups, gym and creative groups i.e. plan your ideal hospital or paint marbling

In this month’s newsletter it says about shopping for service users, on Harvest we have a housekeeper who goes shopping for the service user, also a leave coordinator who takes people out for leave in which time they can do their own shopping or go to a post office to draw their money out.

Take care!!


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