Sheffield’s fab Recovery Jewellery goes global!

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Quick recap from newsletter #53:


How Recovery Bracelets came into being

Many thanks to Kim Parker for sending me details about this brilliant initiative which applies recovery model philosophy to fashion, enhancing patients’ self-esteem, providing enjoyable occupation and generating income. How creative and practical is that?

We were in a Star Wards meeting planning the Recovery Folder (a transforming Star wards idea) Launch event. We were thinking of ways to promote the event and three key people ideas came together. Our activity coordinator (another transforming Star wards idea) spoke about the creative use of colour and two other, Amy our senior practitioner and Sean our service user who wrote the Star wards news letters generated the bracelet idea and how we could use colour to convey Recovery. The group, and patients in OT made 100s of the bracelets and we gave them away at the launch event. Because they were so popular we started to think about how we could sustain it in the long term.

At this point we handed the idea over to our vocational rehabilitation services and there a group of services users created new designs and the second generation of bracelet was born. They produced the brochure, based on our original designs. This is paid work for the service users. We now have little do with the project other than to give them lots of support and have a nice warm smile every time we see someone wearing them. It is a perfect example of how two very different services can work together, but Star wards was absolutely the inspiration behind it.”

Kim Parker
Senior Nurse, Quality Improvement, Professional and Practice Development Team

[email protected]


Excitingly, the bracelets are now available for everyone to buy, thanks to a partnership with the award-winning National Paranoia Network.




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