Some news about the Star Wards site

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To help you to access all our resources easily and to reduce Bright’s costs (the little charity behind Star Wards), we’ve moved some of our online content to As well as the original 75 ideas to validate existing good mental health ward practice and to inspire further service development, the Star Wards website is now home to:

  • WARD STARS – An achievement scheme for mental health care assistants and other support staff.
  • MARVELLOUS CARE – For mental health staff looking after patients with a learning disability in acute care.
  • ANIMAL MAGIC – Promoting the therapeutic use of animals in mental health care.
  • WARDIPEDIA – Our encyclopaedic resource of good practice in acute mental health care.

You can navigate these sections via the new dedicated menu at

We’re currently doing a few finishing touches, so if you notice anything that looks a bit dodgy do please let us know and we’ll fix it.

Thanks so much for being part of the Star Wards family

The Star Wards team

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