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Help us to keep helping wards by voting for us

We’ve applied for the Aviva Community Fund, and happily, we’ve been accepted. But we now need your vote to make it possible for us to reach the Finals, where a judging panel will award the funds.

It’s totally free for NHS hospitals to take part in Star Wards and we really want to keep it that way. However, as a charity we need enough funds to keep giving the award to deserving staff and patients. 

When Star Ward’s founder Marion Janner OBE returned home after being admitted to a mental health ward, she wrote down 75 ideas for therapeutic care based on her own experience and research into what good looks like. The 75 (or the tweaking, turning and transforming suggestions) have over the past 12 years become the benchmark for excellent inpatient practice, positively shaping the daily experience and treatment outcomes of ward life and boosting staff morale. Since 2006 we have been taking our message to people like Julie Sheen who was once a patient on a ward and now a respected and awesome nurse. Julie recently told us:

“Involvement in Star Wards was the first time I realised my service user voice counted, which set me on my recovery journey.”

At Bright, the social justice charity behind Star Wards, we’ve always been clear that its completely up to wards how they’d like to use our resources and approach. It is for this reason we believe Star Wards continues to have such a huge impact. Time and time again we’ve been blown away by the creativity and dynamism of teams who’ve embarked on their own Star Wards journey and who’ve achieved the Full Monty Award for fabulous inpatient care. You truly are a creative and imaginative bunch!

Why should you vote for Star Wards and encourage everyone you know to do the same? Without Star Wards many inpatient areas would not have progressed to become the wonderful places they are now. Star Wards helps unleash creativity, imagination and flair through FREE material, publications and resources. Without ongoing funding these would not be available. The world of inpatient mental health would not be promoted,  supported and continue to develop into fabulous places that you would be happy for your family and friends to receive care in.

Thank you for all you do.

The Star Wards team

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You might be wondering – what difference does Star Wards actually make to mental health wards? It’s a question we continuously ask ourselves, to make sure that we are having a positive impact. Well, we have over 800 wards signed up to receive our resources and, in the past, we have had Star Wards independently evaluated. A micro-summary of what our users have said is that wards who tried Star Wards ideas had:

This is not about us, it is about people like you. These improvements are down to your hard work. And you can check our newsletters for wards doing amazing things right now. So we are told we do help you make a difference – and we want to get better and be here to help you in the future. So, join up, join in and let us know your wonderful ideas – and if you can donate to us or fundraise for us, we would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you for all you do.